HMHS Rohilla
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Sunday 2nd. November

11:00 a.m.

A service of remembrance will be held at St Mary’s Church (by the Abbey on the cliff top). The service will be led by The Right Reverend The Bishop of Whitby.

The Rohilla tragedy is without doubt Whitby's greatest maritime disaster and one that had a devastating effect on so many families. During the fateful weekend in October 1914 there were many feats of heroism and gallant rescue attempts, in which the whole town came together as one. Records lay testament to the bravery shown by individuals who placed their lives before others, wading into the icy water in a vain attempt to rescue those who made the swim to the shore.

The Rohilla Centenary Team has worked long and hard to choose suitable activities to acknowledge this important and solemn occasion, it would not be possible without the support of a number of people and organisations for which we are most grateful we hope that you find our efforts worthy of such a special occasion.

Proceeds from the weekend will be donated to Whitby Lifeboat Station.

Lifeboat Crew Past & Present
Lifeboat Crew Past & Present
Photographs taken in 2004 during the 90th Anniversary of the Rohilla's loss.

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