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Baltic Warrior

2010 heralded a major change with the introduction of a new charter vessel, an ocean going all weather, deep sea, ice breaking, salvage tug named the Baltic Warrior. The vessel, built by Schichau Unterweser in Bremerhaven, Germany in 1964 was designed and built to withstand some of the worst seas in the world - the Northern Baltic Sea, the Arctic Ocean and the Barents Sea for for up to three months at a time. Owned and operated by Tieco Ltd, trading as Marine Towing Solutions Limited, Baltic Warrior is a fully operational tug with an International Load Line Certificate, a British Captain and fully qualified permanent crew.

New Charter Vessel

One Moment

Technical Specifications

The vessel carries a full complement of safety equipment and has an impressive technical specification which matches that required for a sea going, commercial vessel. Although built in in 1964 by Schichay GMBH Bremerhaven (Germ Lloyd +100 A4, K E+), she underwent extensive refitting and was re - engined in 1977 (Bureau Veritas +100A4 M E2 Tug + MC E1) to exacting standards.

Length Overall 30.53 metres
Registered Length 29.62 metres
Beam 9.4 metres
Draft 3.9 metres
Flag London
206 tonnes gross
61 tonnes net
500 tonnes displacement, fully loaded

The tug is almost the same physical size of the previous charter vessel although it has to be said completely different breeds of work horse. Whilst the Ocean Dancer might have more appeal to shipping enthusiasts the tug is undoubtedly equipped for the charter.

Colour chart plotter
Colour Depth sounder
Base & Hand VHF radios
Guard Vessel Duties

The electronic wheelhouse equipment can be supplemented to depending on specific charters. In her present role looking for the location of the Bonhomme Richard remains, the vessel is equipped with sophisticated side scan sonar equipment.

Main Engine

Deutz RBV6M 358

1600 BHP/2200 IHP @ 310 RPM

Capable of rotating clockwise or counter-clockwise, negating the need for a gearbox

Fuel Capacity 98 tonnes in six tanks giving a range of 10,000 miles unencumbered
Speed 12 knots unencumbered
Fuel Consumption 2.4 tons @ 250 rpm free running (10 knots); 6 t @ 100% towing
Range The ship carries enough fuel to give a range of up to 10,000 miles free running
Water Capacity 28 tons (30,000 litres) of fresh water in five separate tanks
Steering Bridge controlled direct reversing, Single fixed prop in steering Kort nozzle
Accommodation As well as the crew quarters, there is accommodation for eight people in four comfortable twin berth cabins
Deck Crane Grove hydraulic crane, capable of lifting a maximum of 9 tonnes or 1.5 tonnes at full extension
Safety Boat Valiant 5m RIB with 40hp Mariner outboard engine capable of 25 knots

The safety / standby RIB on its dedicated cradle by the hydraulic crane.

Safety Stand By RIB

With five on board generators, there is unlikely to be any shortage of electrical power.

One Deutz 100hp 73kw DC genset One Perkins 30kva three phase AC genset
One GM 100hp 58kw DC genset One Lister 30kva three phase AC genset
One emergency 6 kva diesel AC genset

She was first owned by Bugsier Reederei und Bergungs AG and was called Bugsier 26. In 1977 , she was acquired by J Johanssen and Sohn and renamed Axel. Eleven years later she became Baltic Stevns when she was acquired by Nordane Shipping. Tieco Marine bought her in 2002 when she was renamed Baltic Warrior. The images below present the tug during one of her overhaul periods, the man giving some sense of scale to the size of the hull and its huge propeller.

Link To A Supersize Bow
Link To A Supersize Prop

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One Moment

Eamon Guerrini

Pool Shark

Eamon Guerrini the Captain and owner of the Baltic Warrior and is an engineer and an Ocean Yacht master. He spent thirteen years in the armed forces and has over twenty years experience at sea.

He also spent over four years as a technical studies teacher and house parent in a GLC boarding school for students with learning disabilities.

He has also been a professional DJ and company director of a sound company and has had the privilege of working with many fine artists. Eamon is seemingly a multi skilled individual, fluent in Thai, and by all sounds of it a mean pool player - just ask Bob (Seletar).

On the 26th June my wife and I met with Eamon and his wife Duan at a local hotel here in Whitby. Eamon had arranged to stay overnight as he was expecting to change the crew on the ship, however the change took place in Grimsby. Eamon chose to come up to Whitby to see for himself the harbour the ship would be working from and experience Whitby for himself. We had been exchanging e-mails for short while and agreed to meet up for a drink and a chat. We met during the early afternoon and found we shared common interests, he had found diving enchanting and although his was predominantly in warmer climates he could appreciate how much I missed diving.

A Whitby Meeting

As the afternoon progressed found the meeting thoroughly enjoyable, and we happily decided to accompany Eamon and Duan to Harry's Bar, a local restaurant where our son is the chef. We finished the evening off by escorting Eamon along to the harbour, where my wife managed to capture the photograph to the right. Eamon found Whitby larger than he had expected and was satisfied that his ship would fare well here. He is hoping to get back up later during the expedition and we look forward to meeting him and Duan, so that we can return the favour and grace he shared with us.

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