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I have completed the gallery pages which introduce each of those photographers I have chosen to feature, you may find them familiar as having been on my original website, although I have started to look at choosing alternative illustrations. Free of the restricted web space I had I am now able to add more gallery pages, and am excited about those I am currently working on. This page should have come first, and can only apologise for the delay sorry, I am giving as much time as I can to get things up and running and would ask for your patience for a little while longer, in order to get more gallery pages online.


Naval craft are not an unfamiliar sight in Whitby, however this summer we had the pleasure of two of the Royal Marine's, stealth craft. The new 'secret' superboat is the latest British weapon to help fight the war on terror. The are thought to be capable of reaching speeds of around 70 mph, designed for various roles including the insertion of troops into enemy territory and the hunting of drug smugglers. Designed and built by VT Halmatic, and based in Portsmouth, Hants, they will replace the two VSV - very slim vessel boats currently used by the elite SBS.

Seal Pups

My ability to get out and about with my cameras is sometimes restricted to how well I am doing. The two photographs above were taken at a seafront aquatic centre in Skegness. It was a fairly open venue and we had the chance to get up close with the animals, the seals above all were so playful.

Endeavour Broadside Shark

Lengthy Flotilla

It would not be much of a gallery page if I could not include a photograph of the replica Bark Endeavour, these were captured during the first of many visits.

Endeavour Stern

These seven images are only to give you a flair for future gallery photographs, some which I hope to upload soon.

The present pages are from a strong stable base but I would consider adding additional pages from other photographers, if you would like to showcase your images please feel free to contact me.

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