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Ron Young Books

Divers looking to dive the north east coast many wrecks can benefit greatly from browsing any of Ron Young's detailed and comprehensive wreck diving guides. Ron has a lot to be proud of with his books and they are must have item for anyone looking for wreck information and advice on where to locate them. His books can be obtained at any reputable bookshop or via Amazon's online facility.

The Books

Dive The Farne Islands

The Diver's Comprehensive Guide to the Farnes & Holy Island

Shipwrecks of the North East Coast

The Comprehensive Guide to Shipwrecks of the North East Coast to 1917 - Volume One

East Coast Wrecks Vol. 1

The Comprehensive Guide to Shipwrecks of the North East Coast-Volume Two 1918 - 2000

East Coast Wrecks Vol. 2

The Comprehensive Guide to Shipwrecks of the East Coast: 1766 - 1917

Dive The Farne Islands

The Comprehensive Guide to Shipwrecks of the East Coast: 1918 - 2003

Having completed the book above Ron turned his attention to producing a similar book aimed at the many submarine wrecks which lie scattered around the British coast.

Submarine Wreck Guides

Submarine Wrecks

Silent Warriors: Submarine Wrecks of the British Isles - England's East Coast to Kent

Shipwrecks of the North East Coast

Silent Warriors: Submarine Wrecks of the United Kingdom - Volume Two

The first edition was without doubt a comprehensive volume indeed, Ron has co - authored the book with historian Pamela Armstrong to produce a wonderful reference guide to lost submarines and was released in 2006. Volume two of Silent Warriors book was released in 2009 and continues a series of books detailing u-boat losses.

New Compenium

Silent Warriors Wales - Submarine Wrecks of the United Kingdom

Volume 3

The third edition of Ron Young’s submarine books co – authored by Pamela Armstrong is without doubt a comprehensive volume indeed. If you have read the first two volumes then you will be familiar with the format of the book.

The book begins with an introduction to the Wales and the West coast, and goes on to detail the respective submarine wrecks. The detail for each wreck includes the submarines identification number, its date of loss, location, grid reference, technical specs, and the name of first and subsequent commanders. Further details of patrols the submarine undertook including the names of ships sunk and those unfortunate to be killed on them give the reader an infinite research guide which has been meticulously researched. Almost all of the submarines are detailed from a diver’s perspective presenting the current status of the wreck. As an added bonus, the career paths of the submariners have been included at the end of the book, along with the explanation of maritime technical terms.

It is a magnificent work of reference, and the authors are to be highly commended for their attention to detail, I would recommend it this book to anyone with an interest in either submarines, or naval history in general which is excellent in every way.

*** The Ultimate Shipwreck Guide - Whitby to Berwick ***

New Compenium

There is no denying that Ron has acquired a vast wealth of knowledge, data and experience diving over a period of almost 50 years, however, this new book is far better. This book has far more information about the shipwrecks and crews that were lost over this expansive region of the North Sea from Whitby to Berwick and up to 40 miles offshore. There are 285 wrecks in total, including 22 located in an area known ominously as the 'Graveyard', 30 miles off the River Tyne, that has never previously been written about, as well as some new virgin wrecks that are just waiting to be explored!

The book is jam-packed with valuable information and technical data including the ship's builders, past owners, dates and name changes and in many cases the captains names. Precise WGS84 GPS positions are supplied for each wreck and these have been meticulously checked over several years to ensure they are correct and as accurate as possible. Many of the wrecks lie in deep water in depths of between 80 and 100 metres - well beyond the range of normal sport divers - however, with new technological advances in equipment they offer exhilarating future projects. Where possible, the ship's service history has been supplied, followed by a detailed account of its final voyage / patrol and its demise. Some of the Board of Trade Wreck Reports, survivor and witness statements tell of harrowing and terrifying anecdotes.

Farnes and Holy Island Diver Guide

The Farnes and Holy Island - A Comprehensive New Dive Guide

Following a successful dive guide to the Farnes & Holy Island, this new and expanded edition is a much improved informative and comprehensive book available to the diving fraternity, and is essential reading for divers wishing to experience the rich underwater heritage around the 28 Farne Islands. It is not only a diver's guide to the underwater and surrounding wreck environment, but is also a must for visitors to the islands with the wealth of information on the area's history and wildlife. Unlike many wreck books, the author has dived every one of the 178 sites and explains what can be seen at each one. This includes the little-known underwater Nature Reserve, north of the North Wamses Island in the Outer Farnes.

For ease of location, WGS84 GPS coordinates have been introduced in this new edition for many of the sites. The book also benefits from a vast amount of technical detail and history about the 50 or so extra shipwrecks that have been added to this new edition, many of which can be easily reached from Seahouses and Beadnell harbours. Other interesting features include the sometimes bizarre but fascinating history of the islands and the local villages of Bamburgh, Seahouses and Beadnell, together with information about the local seabirds, wildlife, seals and marine life.

About the Author

After qualifying as a sport diver, the author completed almost 3,700 dives around the world and has written many articles for diving magazines, being awarded 'The Golden Writer of the Year' by Sub Aqua Scene's members. Without doubt Ron Young an asset to the diving fraternity.