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Carl Racey Expeditions

This is the second page relating to Carl's exploits and I hope that you agree such privileged information is always welcome! He recently sent me news of an intact trawler which he and his colleagues had found last year along with information of the SS HORSTED, he also sent some very enticing photographs copies of which I have added here, some of which have larger images on their own pages, simply follow the photographs with links.

Un-named Trawler

A veritable treasure trove

Found only with a keen eye

Trawler sketch 1

Trawler sketch 2

The two sketches above remain the copyright of their creator Andy Dowsland.


Carl and his diving buddies have recovered an un-named bell along with a telegraph, steering pedestal, crockery and other assorted paraphernalia from the wreck which sank in 1939 in Bridlington Bay, off Hornsea.


A rare find

SS Horsted

The coaster SS Horsted


I also added another page that is indelibly linked to Carl Racey and Andrew Jackson's diving exploits.