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Gavin Parsons

Gavin was one of those who answered my request for underwater illustrations for my first book and he willingly obliged again for the production of the SAA manual. Gavin has worked on many underwater photography commissions and has frequently featured on many of the lead diving magazines and brochures. Gavin's name is synonymous with professional photography and I am grateful for his input. The web page I previously had on this website featuring Gavin's photographs was rough at best and this was simply down to my lack of understanding when creating web pages. I would like to think that with a greater understanding I am able to present a better display of photographic images, throughout my website.

This single page can hardly do his work the justice it deserves hence the addition of a second page. I would encourage you to visit his own very professional website featuring a vast array of photographs covering a variety of topics topics, he also has a more corporate website with more of his professional images.

Honeycomb Moray
Harbour Seal
White Tip Shark
Surfing Dolphins
Oceanic White Tip Shark
Llindae Flatworm
Masked Butterflyfish
Reef Cavern
Harbour Seals
Grey Seal
Diver n Seal
Common Dolphin

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