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Wes Gradin

Following my request for additional underwater illustration for the SAA manual I was contacted by Cindy Gradin who had access to images belonging to her late brother Wes. I was pleased that she was willing to help and the illustrations below are a small selection of illustrations that Wes has left behind. Many of his images have appeared in numerous scientific and naturist magazines, dedicated to protecting wild animals, a cause he found very rewarding.

As a mark of my respect and gratitude to the family of Wes Gradin, I have made every effort to feature his work on each of the versions of my website. His family were supportive of my request for illustrative material throughout my books and even today I still retain contact with his family. I made it known to his family that I had plans to update the website and they have generously supplied the images I have added to this page.

Gill Shark
Humpback Whales
Whale Shark
Mother & Calf
Humpback Calf
Sea Anemone
Moray Eels
Deadmans Fingers
Green Turtle
Wes Gradin

Wes Gradin also has a small gallery featured on the following Whale Research website, and a second gallery page can be accessed using the following link.


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