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Accommodation & Dive Support

The Ocean Dancer is well cared for and kept in an excellent condition as the following photographs confirm.

The Saloon
The Saloon
The  Galley
Comfortable Bunks
Twin 9cfm & 5cfm Compressors
Trimix / Nitrox Blending Panel
52 Recompression Chamber

The accommodation is both purposeful and comfortable, whilst the dive support equipment is enough for most situations.

Ocean Dancer Galleries

This page follows on from my first selection of photographs in this series of Ocean Dancer gallery pages, the first page presenting some of my favourite Ocean Dancer images. The next logical gallery presents photographs of the vessel's outside including more hull shots, her bridge and engine room equipment. In 2008 I was made aware of the Ocean Dancer being placed up for sale putting her involvement in the Bonhomme Richard expeditions under jeopardy this simple page reveals some surprising developments. To complete the SEries of gallery pages I have added another gallery page, this one presenting the Ocean Dancer as she was prior to undergoing a major conversion to enclose her stern, showing the vessel in quite a different format.