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Ocean Dancer Gallery - Pre Conversion

This is a new page presenting selected photographs of the former Dutch Beam Trawler Ocean Dancer before she underwent a major conversion to enclose her stern. The conversion has allowed greater room inside the vessel, specifically in her saloon.

Passing The Swingbridge
Berthed After The Ice House
The first photograph was captured in Grimsby and shows the boats starboard side. This is the first image to show the recompression chamber stowed on the deck.
The vessel sits comfortably alongside, with the recompression chamber cylinders secured on the deck. The crew like the ship berthed at Grimsby as when alongside pontoons they have no difficulty getting on and off the boat, unlike other ports where the tide dictates how hard it can be.
Yacht Rosa
Fishery Patrol Vessel
The Ocean Dancer seen here berthed in the upper harbour. This is the first distinctive photograph of the stern as she was. There was little room or comfort when working with the side scan sonar in this configuration.
Pictured in Whitby I have cropped this photograph here to give a better the open stern. The recompression chamber can be seen prior to its move under the Forecastle.
Yacht Rosa
Fishery Patrol Vessel
The Ocean Dancer seen here berthed on Eskside Wharf, the recompression chamber cylinders can be seen secured on the deck below the bridge.
A final photograph in this gallery, the ship is pictured berthed alongside the wharf in Whitby on an otherwise sunny day.

Ocean Dancer Galleries

Presenting a selection of photographs in a series of Ocean Dancer gallery pages, the first gallery page presented some of my favourite Ocean Dancer images, whilst the next has selected photographs captured inside the vessel showing the accommodation and dive support equipment. The next gallery presents photographs of the vessel from outside including more hull shots, her bridge and engine room equipment. In 2008 I was made aware of the Ocean Dancer being placed up for sale putting her involvement in the Bonhomme Richard expeditions under jeopardy this simple page reveals some surprising developments.