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MV Ocean Dancer

For Sale

In 2008 the boat was listed on the dedicated commercial craft website belonging to Capital Boats, however the Ocean Dancer's specific page was no longer visible and although the vessel is displayed it was marked as sold. The summary for the listing was as follows; - Converted Dutch-built steel fishing boat, now fully equipped survey, dive support vessel. LOA 33m, built 1963. 300hp 6-cylinder engine. Currently in service and potential for sale with 2 months work per year. Lying east coast, UK. Asking price £349,950.

Ocean Dancer

The vessel specifications feature on my original Ocean Dancer page alongside some of my own photographs, the one above doesn't do the vessel justice. The former Dutch Beam Trawler built in 1968 has been a regular visitor to Whitby as part of Clive Cusslers endeavours to find the location of the Bonhomme Richard. I have enjoyed many visits on the vessel and always find my visits welcome.

When the charter boat arrived in Whitby for the 2008 expedition I questioned its skipper "John" about it being for sale. He explained that he was considering selling the boat but that with little interest from any sellers he had changed his mind. During the year John added seating on the deck equipped with underseat wet lockers, perfect for stowing diving equipment on the move.

Towards the latter part of the year, I noticed the boat was still listed on the commercial website, still displaying the sold watermark. I learnt earlier this year that the boat has now been sold. It is going to be strange to not see the charter vessel in Whitby or see the team as I have done for a number of years now. John confirmed that he boat has already left the UK and is working of the North African coast, how different from its charters off the North east coast of the UK and her Bonhomme Richard expeditions.

Ocean Dancer Galleries

These galleries represent my enthusism for the Ocean Dancer and I hope that you find them of interest. The first gallery page presented some of my favourite Ocean Dancer images, whilst another has selected photographs captured within the vessel showing the accommodation and dive support equipment. The next gallery presents photographs of the vessel's outside including more hull shots, her bridge and engine room equipment. To end the series of gallery pages the final gallery page presents the Ocean Dancer as she was prior to undergoing a major conversion to enclose her stern, showing the vessel in a rather different form.