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Army Cadet Volunteers 2007

Following on from the success of the previous year visit the trust were privileged to have another set of army cadet volunteers. This time round the cadets were from the Army Foundation College based at the Harrogate Barracks. The cadets were given the task of scraping out the caulking on the hull, used to effect a water tight seal. It was not an envious task and one that was undoubtedly tiresome in the extreme. The only real way of removing the calico caulking was to use scrape it out using basic tools, the caulking had been in so long that there was a theory that much of it was the original layer. It would not come out in one strip and had to literally picked and scraped out a small bit at a time.

Expert Instruction
Getting to Work
Row Two
Not An Easy Task
Instructor Interview
Roll Call

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