William Riley


Hartlepool Fundraising Row

Gallery Two

Hartlepool Lifeboat Courtesy of Tom Collins

I wasn't able to make the departure of the William Riley from Sunderland on its second leg of the fundraising row to Hartlepool. Thankfully though Mr. Tom Collins was well placed to capture the photograph of the Hartlepool lifeboat escorting the William Riley in to Hartlepool on the 7th July.

I was though, able to get to Hartlepool before it left for Staithes. It was a blustery day but unlike Tynemouth it was a little better. I was able to get some photographs of the William Riley in the marina prior to its departure, it was a nice warm sunny period up until the boat left when it became annoyingly dull.

Hartlepools Ex Lifeboat
Ales Angels
William Riley
Quiet Before The Storm
Two Fine Craft
The Row Begins
William Riley

The former lifeboat left with an escort comprising the private yacht "Saray" which has been a frequent visitor to Whitby. After leaving the safety of the marina the rowers made their way down the east coast crossing the River Tees an extremely busy shipping port. Up to Marske there is some pretty scenery, which gives way to tall cliff's and rocky foreshores all the way down to the boats destination "Staithes Harbour" a small picturesque fishing village.


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