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Gallery Five

The fifth gallery page from the sponsor an oar fundraising scheme and more photographs of those who were willing to sponsor one of the former lifeboat William Riley's ten oars. My aim in creating significant pages related to the fundraising scheme was to ensure that where possible I can illustrate the boat's fundraising progress to share it with anyone browsing this web site.

Dorothy Sims
Jack and Doreen Cook Blackman Family
Peter and Alison Thomson

I have a couple of more pages to add here which feature the William Riley after the oars were unveiled. Afterwards the boat was taken down to the marina where it was launched into the river and rowed upstream along the banks of the River Esk. The Gazette photographer first captured images from the viaduct before down alongside the river, images I'm sure you will find most appealing. The sponsor an oar fundraising scheme was if nothing quite a photographic opportunity and I look forward to completing the series of gallery pages soon.

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