William Riley


Whitby To Scarborough Row

Gallery Three

Having showcased images from Mrs. Dorothy Russell, Mr. Michael Jaconelli and Mr. Andrew Dowsland, it is only fitting that I include some of my own photographs. My wife and I arrived in plenty of time so as to find the right spot to be in when the time arrived, however, Yorkshire's own weather patterns seemed to plague us with dry sunny weather one minute and rain or drizzle the next.

When the former lifeboat moved over to a position adjacent to the quayside things started happening pretty quickly, with the rowers and celebrated dignitaries arriving. It was a very entertaining affair with a town crier, a solo musician, local sea cadets and a press photographer.

As the boat prepared to leave I took a number of photographs whilst my wife used the camcorder to good effect. Thereafter it was a bit a push to get further along the pier to get more photographs. It was earlier for me as I have a trusty motobility scooter to help me carry my camera equipment, although my wife looked flustered running along the pier with camcorder and tripod in hand. Shortly after that it started to rain a little harder which was our cue to leave, the last we saw of the Evening News photographer he was running at speed to get photographs from the pier wall.


The William Riley is swamped with rowers and supporters.

Final Mayoral Words

The rowing volunteers prepare themselves.

The Long Row Begiind

The boat begins its mammoth journey.

Yorkshire Day Flag

The flag is held high to celebrate Yorkshire Day.

Getting Into The Right Stroke

The boat finally clear of the port and ready to begin in earnest.

Now Underway

My last photograph as the boat leaves Scarborough.