William Riley


Whitby To Scarborough Row

Gallery Two

The photographs which follow give some example of the weather throughout the day which threatened to come in, but which more or less held off. I'm sure the volunteer rowers were more grateful than we were, faced with such a lengthy row. Those onboard the safety boat had the luxury of wearing dry suits as divers. They also had the capability of speed should it be needed, although as an ex diving instructor myself I know that travelling at the same slow as the William Riley for a long time will have had its tiring moments yet the thrill of being involved in such a unique experience will have undoubtedly been something to savour.

A Foreboding Sky Arrival

The William Riley just ahead of the safety boat Northstar.

Photographed From The Safety Boat

The boat seen from a low angle.

The Safety Boat Northstar

The R.I.B. safety boat more than up to the task.

Approaching The Harbour Entrance

The William Riley nears Whitby harbour with the present lifeboat as its escort.

A  Privileged Escort

The boat finally enters the port safe and sound.

The West Pier

The west pier dwarfs the boat.

The Boat On Dry Land Arrival

The William Riley back on its trailer on a warm sunny day, unlike the conditions she faced over the whole row event.

I am indebted to Mrs. Dorothy Russell, Mr. Michael Jaconelli, Mr. Andrew Dowsland for the photographs, the other Whitby to Scarborough gallery pages can be accessed using the links below.